A seminar was held in Pardubice on 23 November 2018 for users of LBIS/4G information systems. 63 people participated in the seminar. The following topics were presented:

  • Management information system: A new module for displaying management information on PCs and mobile devices (tablets and phones).
  • Within the framework of the Accommodation Agenda subsystem:
    • Special offers: functionality for creation of special pricing offers and their automatic selection when a stay is reserved.
    • Start date limitation: functionality for managing the number of people starting on specific days in relation to the capacity of doctors and selected therapeutic stays during reservation.
    • Offers: functionality for quick creation and records of pricing offers and evaluation of their success.
    • Integration of the Accommodation Agenda subsystem with Availpro channel manager: integration of LBIS/4G with channel manager ensures online website, mobile and Facebook reservations, access to several accommodation portals such as Booking.com, Expedia, Hotel.cz, HRS, etc.
    • Integration with payment cards: integration of a client account with card payment terminals.
    • Mobile application: information about the planned mobile application for clients of spa and rehabilitation facilities (account overview, procedure plan etc.).
  • Within the framework of the Healthcare Agenda subsystem:
    • Procedures by nurses: a tool for automatic monitoring of procedures required of nurses by the doctor and their performance status by the nurse (issue of medicines, administration of medication, reapplication of bandages, measuring blood pressure etc.).
    • Keeping of medical documentation for physiotherapists, ergotherapists, nutritional specialists etc.: possibility of handling management of medical documentation by specialised workers in the healthcare section.
  • Within the framework of the Rehabilitation Agenda subsystem:
    • Staff: tools for planning and operational management of staff in rehabilitation operations.
    • W4 + subscriptions: new options of the module for sale of commercial procedures and other services.
  • Within the framework of the Catering and Storage Agenda subsystem:
    • Ordering of meals by the client: functionality for on-line ordering of meals by clients.
    • Events / banqueting: Tools for planning and management of events (seminars, etc.) in the Catering and Accommodation Agenda.

We would like to thank all of the people who took part for their active approach to the seminar and for their feedback regarding the presented topics.

A friendly informal gathering was held once the seminar had ended with a domestic wine tasting session. That was pleasant way to round off the whole event.