7.February 2024

Priessnitz Medical Spa Jeseník has fully automated the sale and redemption of gift vouchers

Sale and subsequent redemption of gift vouchers is fully automated at Priessnitz Medical Spa Jeseník. Online sales take place in the e-shop, where the value of the gift voucher is defined + direct online payment is made. Thanks to integration of the e-shop with the LBIS/4G spa management system, a gift voucher sold in this manner is immediately registered in the system. This means that the voucher can be used without [...]

10.January 2024

Efficiency boosted thanks to streamlining of accounting document workflow at Kundratice Spa

Kundratice Spa has been reaping the rewards offered by integration of the LBIS/4G spa information system with the Helios iNuvio economic system since November 2023. Integration offers the following benefits for users: Automatic sharing and uploading of all accounting documents created in the LBIS/4G system (proforma invoices, received advance payments, final tax documents and payment documents) to the Helios iNuvio system. Automatic account assignment of all documents (accounts and centres) [...]

14.December 2023

PF 2024

Všem našim obchodním partnerům, kolegům a přátelům přejeme krásné Vánoce a pohodový vstup do roku 2024. Tým společnosti LAURYN s.r.o.

11.December 2023

LBIS/4G Used to Manage Health Care and Rehabilitation Agenda at Kundratice Spa

Kundratice Spa has modernised its information system by switching over to the next generation of the LBIS/4G system with its Health Care and Rehabilitation Agenda. Implementation of LBIS/4G offers the following benefits and effects: Modern LBIS/4G technology ensures the possibility of using the system in the future with a link to the currently used technologies. The uniform database structure and data storage simplifies administration, setup of the system and overall [...]

8.November 2023

QR codes speed up payments for booked spa stays

One of the hot topics in the field of spas and rehabilitation is automation of all possible processes. This concerns simplification of activities not only for the users, but also for the guests and that is precisely why users of the LBIS/4G spa information system frequently take advantage of the option to attach QR codes to advance invoices for booked stays and services. This then simplifies the payment process by [...]

1.October 2019

Kúpele Lúčky manages its operations in a modern and perspective manner

Kúpele Lúčky modernised its information system in the period 2/2019 to 8/2019 thanks to transition to the next generation system LBIS/4G with the Healthcare and Rehabilitation agenda. Implementation of LBIS/4G ensures the following benefits and effects for Kúpele Lúčky: Modern LBIS/4G technology guarantees that the system can be used in the future with connection to the currently used technology. The uniform database structure and data storage makes administration, setup of [...]