Vojenská lázeňská léčebna Jeseník (hereinafter referred to only as VLL Jeseník) modernised its information system in the period 9/2018 to 2/2019 thanks to transition to the next generation system LBIS/4G with the Healthcare and Rehabilitation agenda. Implementation of LBIS/4G ensures the following benefits and effects for VLL Jeseník:

  • Modern LBIS/4G technology guarantees that the system can be used in the future with connection to the currently used technology.
  • The uniform database structure and data storage makes administration, setup of the system and overall workflow of clients in all agendas simpler.
  • Several new or improved functions (split stays and packages, medical documentation templates, resources for planning procedures etc.) make the work of users with the system simpler.
  • Maximum control over efficiency and economy of spa operations (prescription of medical