Vojenská lázeňská a rekreační zařízení (hereinafter referred to only as VLRZ) with registered office in Prague operates five spa and rehabilitation facilities in geographically different locations (Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Jeseník, Teplice v Čechách and Slapy nad Vltavou). Until the end of 2018, each of these facilities used a separate CoLBIS data warehouse over the operations system LBIS/4G with Accommodation agenda. Users generated management reports from the data warehouse in MS Excel (contingency tables and graphs) which were sent according to requirement to head office in Prague. A weakness of this solution was primarily the need for the user to send data, which sometimes caused a delay in delivery of data to head office. In addition to this, data was separated for individual facilities in separate files, making it impossible to compare it easily.

In order to eliminate the above-mentioned “weaknesses”, a CoLBIS central data warehouse has been deployed in VLRZ since January 2019, which ensures the following key benefits within the framework of central management reporting:

  • Automatic uploading of data from all spa and rehabilitation facilities in geographically different locations to a central data warehouse in Prague.
  • Regular daily updating of data without any intervention by users.
  • The management of VLRZ in Prague has on-line access to key performance indicators in all facilities (occupancy, financial performance, comparison with plans etc.) in MS Excel format (contingency tables and graphs). Thanks to this, the management always has real data enabling it to make key management and commercial decisions.