Kynžvart Spa has been reaping the rewards offered by integration of the LBIS/4G spa information system with the Helios iNuvio economic system since April 2024. Integration offers the following benefits for users:

  • Automatic sharing and uploading of all accounting documents created in the LBIS/4G system (proforma invoices, received advance payments, final tax documents and payment documents) to the Helios iNuvio system.
  • Automatic account assignment of all documents (accounts and centres) according to defined rules (building, client type or service type, etc.)
  • Automatic uploading of incoming bank payments from the Helios iNuvio system to the LBIS/4G system. On the basis of the received payment, the received advance payment and the related accounting document are created in the client’s account.
  • The above-mentioned points ensure an overall speeding up of circulation of accounting documents and payments. This reduces the administrative burden on users and saves time during processing of these operations.