One of the hot topics in the field of spas and rehabilitation is automation of all possible processes. This concerns simplification of activities not only for the users, but also for the guests and that is precisely why users of the LBIS/4G spa information system frequently take advantage of the option to attach QR codes to advance invoices for booked stays and services. This then simplifies the payment process by retrieving all of the information needed to execute the payment order (amount, currency, bank account, payment date and variable symbol).

It is relatively easy to generate QR codes on invoices for payments in the Czech Republic in the LBIS/4G system. All you have to do is generate the necessary string containing the information for payment and choose to display this string in QR code format on the print template of the advance invoice.

The solution for generating a QR code on invoices for payments in the Slovak Republic is more complicated. This is due to the requirements for a higher level of security (“encryption”) of the string which is generated for the QR code. This requirement has been resolved by modification of the software in LBIS/4G, allowing for generation of a QR code string which complies with the standards of the Slovak banking system.

Deployment of this functionality has already been implemented by a large number of users of the LBIS/4G system (spas, spa hotels, outpatient rehabilitation centres and rehabilitation institutes) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This has ensured greater convenience for their guests and clients when settling advance payments.