28.March 2019

VLL Jeseník manages its operations in a modern and perspective manner

Vojenská lázeňská léčebna Jeseník (hereinafter referred to only as VLL Jeseník) modernised its information system in the period 9/2018 to 2/2019 thanks to transition to the next generation system LBIS/4G with the Healthcare and Rehabilitation agenda. Implementation of LBIS/4G ensures the following benefits and effects for VLL Jeseník: Modern LBIS/4G technology guarantees that the system can be used in the future with connection to the currently used technology. The uniform [...]

18.January 2019

Treatment plan – in operation for 20 years

January 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the date on which the first version of the L-BIS IS module Treatment plan for Windows went into live operation. Around seventy users in the Czech Republic and Slovakia currently use one of the versions of the Treatment plan module.

17.January 2019

LBIS/4G Administration training for IT administrators 2019

LBIS/4G Administration training for IT administrators was held in LAURYN v.o.s. on 7th to 9th May 2019. Training focused on the following areas of administration: Users and roles, Safety of the user model and rights, Application model (navigation, lists, dialogue windows and filters), Printouts and forms, LBIS/4G integration using an API and other topics relating to administration. This training course will be held again in autumn 2019.